Professionally Printed Albums & Books

How to…

After choosing the product your want to make you will be taken on one of two directions:

1. You will be taken to our Download page
2. You will be taken to our Online Creator

1. Download

To create the product you have chosen you must first download our free software (information on how to do this is below). Our software is a portal that allows you to add your images, text and design your product how you wish. In the software you will find colour options, embellishments, page styles and a variety of elements that will help you design your book. When you first open the software there is an Assistant that will provide information on how to use the software.

Our software is like any other; you create your project in the design area then order and upload your files to our server. Your files are encrypted and can only be decrypted by us so it makes the whole process safe and secure.

System Requirements:

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 32 bit or 64 bit OS. The software is compatible with older hardware but it runs more efficiently with at least 2GB of RAM and multi-core processors.

Mac users need an Intel chip-based machine running OS X 10.5 or later with 2GB of RAM and sufficient disc space.

How to Download & Install on a PC:

After clicking the “Download for PC” Button a dialogue box will appear asking if you would like to “Run” or “Save”. Click the “Run” button so that you will be able to install the software immediately after download. Once the software is downloaded you will be asked if you would like to install – click “Yes”.

How to Download & Install on a MAC:

After downloading the installation file – this can be found in your Downloads folder – drag it to your desktop and double click the file. A new window will open with two folders; drag the Diamond Resorts folder across to the applications folder. When it has finished copying open the applications folder, find the Diamond Resorts folder, open it and drag the application icon to your dock. You can now open the application like any other application.

Order Online:

Once you have completed your product select “File” and “Save” your project. Click the green shopping cart icon on the right hand side of the page. Your project will be checked for errors, you have to fix any red errors before you will be able to order. Next you will be asked to read the terms and conditions, when you have done this click the disclaimer box and select “Order Online” and “Continue”. Log in to your account or create an account if you haven’t ordered with us before. Check your project details then click “Continue” now check your Address details and click “Continue” add in your voucher code or gift card code if you have one and the “Order”. You will now be taken back to the software, click “Upload Order” and “Continue”. Once your files have been uploaded to us you are done.

How to Order Offline:

If you choose to order offline then follow these steps to send us your files:

  1. Select “Order Offline”.
  2. Add your contact details.
  3. Add your billing address
  4. Select “Burn to CD/DVD” and add a CD or DVD.
  5. Mail the disk to:
    • 2M Professional
      1 Hellesdon Park Road
      Hellesdon Park Industrial Estate
      NR6 5DR

2. Online Creator

If you choose to create a HD Large Format Print or a Photo Canvas, you will be taken to our Online Creator.  Here you will be asked to either Login in if you an existing customer or Register if you are not. You will then be taken to your project.

Click the + button on the left hand side to upload your image to the project.  You can then drag and drop it onto the blank page in front of you and you will see it appear. Once you have added your image, double click to open a dialogue box where you  can crop and adjust your image.  Use the options at the top to add and alter your text.

Once you have added your image and you are ready to order, click on the Preview button at the top centre of the page and you will see a visual representation of what your image will look like.

Finally click the Order button that is situated in the top right corner, add your delivery instructions and order.


  • How many photos can I put on each page?
  • As many as you like, there are no limitations on how many images you can have on each page.
  • How do I add extra pages to my book?
  • Choose the “Page” tab in top menu bar then select “Insert” or “Add”.
  • How do I swap my pages around if I am not happy with the order?
  • Choose the “Page” tab at the top of the screen then select “Rearrange Pages” then use the arrows on the left hand side to move the pages up and down.
  • What kind of files can I use?
  • The software supports – JPEG, PNG, and TIFF.
  • How do I create a Page Style if I don’t want to use the supplied ones?
  • Just below the page order section at the top of the screen is a row of icons. Fourth from the left is the “Insert Picture Box” icon, clicking this will add a box to the page. Use the toggles on the corners to resize the box and place it on the page where you want. Fifth from the left is the “Insert Text Box” you select this to add text to your page. To save the layout click the toggle on lower right hand side of the screen and select “Save as Page Style”.
  • Can you make your own Scrapbooks & Backgrounds?
  • Yes, use the same toggle to add a file from your computer or to save a picture from your project to reuse throughout the rest of your project.
  • Can I order another copy of a book I already ordered?
  • Yes, open your software and click on “Open and Existing Project” Highlight the project you want another copy of and select “Duplicate Project” then open it and order as you did before.
  • Can I order more than one copy at a time?
  • You can order more than one copy in the shopping cart by increasing the quantities. You can only order one copy at a time if you have a discount voucher. Use the process above if you would like to order more than one copy.